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Composite C1 CMS
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  • Extensive easy to use reference packed with screenshots, tips, reviews and advice, it's much more than a simple tutorial.
  • Step-by-step top-down procedures.
  • Gotchas, typical errors & workarounds.
  • ​Visual Studio/IIS development & debugging tips.
  • Integrate beautiful Bootstrap themes.
  • Setup Navigation Menus for a theme.
  • Save money when costing projects.
  • Advice on ​Web Hosting Provider & Database choices.
  • Based on real website samples and hands-on experience.
  • Technical info and Server configuration.

"A practical step-by-step guide to installing, configuring, developing and deploying websites built using the Composite C1 CMS."

Written with Beginners, established Developers, and Reviewers in mind.

Are you new to the Composite C1 CMS ?

Although the Composite C1 CMS  from Orckestra is marketed commercially (professional product support, upgrade services and some add-on modules can be purchased if required), the fact that it is also available as a free Open Source CMS appeals to many people who want to build websites with it (developers, start-up companies, students, casual hobbyists, internet marketers).

Are you a Beginner Developer completely new to Composite C1 ?
Do you have a reasonably good knowledge of building web pages with HTML, want to learn more about programming with C# Razor syntax and have some experience using Visual Studio ?
Do you want to expand that knowledge, while making use of a free CMS to build your website?

Are you an Established Developer who has heard of Composite C1, and you're considering using it for your next project and need to get going quickly?

Perhaps you have already started working with C1 but have got bogged down with the necessary procedures or you are encountering some problems along the way?
Maybe you want to know how to obtain and utilise a more attractive Bootstrap theme from the many cheaply available (in preference to the few starter sites supplied) and how to integrate your new theme into the layout templates of Composite C1 ?

Maybe you are a Researcher or Estimator who needs to review Composite C1 and determine if it's suitable for your business needs and evaluate the costs and steps required to get a C1 website up and running?

Why was Composite C1 Tutorial written?

My name is Jim Prior, I have worked in the computer industry for more than 30 years and I have been creating websites using Composite C1 from Orckestra for 4 years. I am a seasoned developer who needs to identify any way to make life simple and make the most effective use of my time!

I would class myself as being a practiced developer and I enjoy sharing knowledge through technical authoring. Through experience I have found that while trying to keep abreast of the multitude of conceptual, programming and design skills required when creating internet property, at times it can be confusing!

Jim Prior

Jim Prior author of Composite C1 Tutorial

When I first started using Composite C1 I really wished there was some good “real-world” advice and documentation providing a consistent, repeatable, step-by-step process for quickly setting up a developers Visual Studio working environment, configuring Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and then building new websites using Composite C1.

Yes, there is the C1 documentation and user guides, but the kind of information and know-how that only comes from experience was lacking, and was what I wanted.

I also encountered many frustrating problems as I learned and kept notes about everything. If you are someone who has never developed with Composite C1 before, and have no fellow team members with C1 knowledge to learn from (just a quick chat often helps), then like me, your ability to get up to speed as quickly as possible may be hampered.

​Once I got through the learning phase, solved any problems and became more confident I began to enjoy using Composite C1 more. I was very satisfied with the websites I created and my clients were delighted with the final results and the fact they could easily add and modify data completely relevant to their business requirements.

One of the aims of this guide is to make Composite C1 more accessible to beginners and intermediates, whatever angle they are coming from. Whether as a user who needs to assess C1 and compare it against other CMS’s, or as a developer with a good degree of skills who must make the best use of his/her time, or as a complete newbie who needs a helping hand. Not just with C1, but also some of the ideas, tools and working procedures for web development generally.

In writing this tutorial I wanted it to be useful, not just for established developers, but also for novices who want to know more about the Visual Studio working environment and elements such as basic web debugging methods.

It may also help reviewers who need to evaluate Composite C1 for use by their business. Additionally I hope it provides answers to issues normally raised in the Composite C1 Community Forums, thereby reducing questions about common problems.

In recent years as a self-employed developer I find that making websites using Composite C1, or any CMS for that matter, requires a good method to follow in order to build sites quickly and profitably.

I sincerely hope this guide will help save your time as you learn about this great product.

Beginners. Completely new to developing with Composite C1 CMS.

Developers. Good skills but need to learn Composite C1 quickly.

Reviewers. Need to assess suitability of C1 for a project.

Composite C1 Tutorial is NOT for....

The Composite C1 Tutorial e-book is not really intended for front-end users:-

  • Absolute beginners who have no intention of doing any programming and simply need to learn how to work with the C1 Console should follow the videos and tutorials freely available at the Composite C1 User Guides site: http://users.composite.net/
  • You can also register to create an account at www.composite.net where you can login and create a free 7-day personal demo website to get a feel for the product.

Benefits & Features of the
Composite C1 CMS

If you need a professional, but budget friendly website that scales out in the cloud, then Composite C1 is for you. C1 boasts a lot of awesome features, which make it a great fit for both budding and experienced developers.

Composite C1 has:-

  • Easy installation and setup
  • A comprehensive user interface
  • Has support for XSLT, MVC, Webforms and Razor syntax
  • Has a built-in package (or “add-on”) manager with quick install extensions
  • It can run with a file based database only (uses XML, yet can be easily upgraded to SQL support using a free add-on)
  • C1 has good template support which can be simple or advanced depending on your skills
  • Supports Windows Azure out of the box
  • It uses nice URL's for SEO purposes
  • Customised code and functionality can be developed easily due to its great API
  • Plus easy to setup multi-site support

There are many benefits to using Composite C1:-

  • C1 is open source and free, yet great “out of the box” for easy database building using its own XML file-based database (that’s right, you do not need to install SQL Server initially, although if required you can easily change datastores to use SQL Server later).
  • One of the things I really like about Composite C1 is it has the necessary tools already built into its user interface for quickly defining records, using common data types and later amending the definitions as required. This is very convenient and intuitive for evolving the database design according to the needs of the website without having to install other database creation tools like SQL Server Management Studio, making it highly suitable for those with little experience of SQL Server or who just prefer to work with the data in C1. Data fields can be created with names, descriptions and appropriate help text for end users.
  • C1 is ideal for creating dynamic data driven websites, and therefore better for developing bespoke site functionality for customers who have specific functional requirements. A CMS like WordPress is not really designed to build or operate with custom data. It operates primarily as a blog with static pages. You can search for simple WordPress "database" plugins, but this is often a compromise that only half matches your needs. Composite C1 has the advantage in that it is a completely flexible CMS.
  • C1 provides its own internal code editors if you do not have access to Visual Studio. However using Visual Studio provides Intellisense (source code syntax validation and auto completion) and many additional tools when writing code. The book provides advice and tips for getting the most out of Visual Studio.

Are you overwhelmed by the Composite C1 documentation and in which order to do things?

The many features in the Composite C1 user interface can be a little overwhelming for “newbies”. Getting to grips with its principles and knowing which parts of its vast online user documentation and videos to use, and in what order, can be time-consuming and confusing.
Perhaps you have already tried using the online documentation?
Maybe you found yourself constantly referring back to it, and swapping about within the many topics trying to make sense of what order to do things?

The Composite C1 documentation and video resources made by Orckestra (the company behind Composite C1) are for the most part excellent quality and provide a good start, but I have found that it is lacking in some respects, perhaps in the assumption that most people who want to use C1 either;

a) Have a high degree of technical development ability themselves, or

b) They have access to in-house developers or pay external consultants with good experience and knowledge of Composite C1.

The Composite C1 Tutorial e-book is designed to act as a supplement and guide to the online documentation and videos provided by Orckestra at the Composite C1 documentation website.

It also aims to bring Composite C1 closer to beginners by expanding on concepts and by providing simpler and clearer explanations of the terminology and functions of Composite C1, in a top-down step-by-step fashion.

Shortcut links to the original C1 documentation are provided in the e-book so as to take you quickly to the appropriate resource where relevant and provided the original material already covers the topic sufficiently (there is no point in duplicating in the book information provided adequately elsewhere).

In the next few sections you will learn more about the features and benefits of the Composite C1 Tutorial e-book....

  • Why should you get the Composite C1 Tutorial? Learn the main reasons why you will benefit from using the book.
  • What Tutorials are provided in the book? This is an overview of the many step-by-step procedures contained in the book. All are generously illustrated with many screenshots, tips, notes and any warnings to be aware of!
  • What other information does the book provide? These topics could be considered "miscellaneous", but are often equally as important. They're not tutorials as such. There are also a number of Appendices covering more technical aspects and including code samples.

Why you should have
Composite C1 Tutorial
by your side.

Please click the headings below to expand and show answers.....

Why should you download the Composite C1 Tutorial e-book?

What Tutorials are provided in the book?

What other information does the book provide?

What is planned for future releases of the book?

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Learn to develop C1 CMS websites Quickly & Profitably.

The Composite C1 Tutorial puts you in the driver’s seat of this powerful and flexible open-source CMS, offering an extensive array of solutions and step-by-step blueprint for your projects. Jam-packed with proven tips and techniques for web developers, you’ll discover how to effectively use Composite C1 to meet your needs. It will make the world’s best, free, award-winning .NET CMS work for you.

After purchasing you will get instant access to download Composite C1 Tutorial which is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format e-book with 200+ pages.

  1. Real-world: Many tutorials are simply theoretical examples. This book is based on actual websites and real hands-on experiences.
  2. Save time - Be more profitable: Provides answers to problems not easily found elsewhere. The groundwork has been done for you. Understand the costs involved and benefit from paying for only the services you require.
  3. Learn more: This is much more than a tutorial. How many tutorials also cover how to work with your development tools? Visual Studio and IIS are discussed in depth. Browser developer/debugging tools are explained. Workarounds and solutions to shortcomings are given.


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Composite C1 Tutorial offers excellent value for money especially when you consider you would have to pay hundreds of pounds in enrollment fees to attend online or on-site "bootcamps" (typically 2 days). Then there are the additional costs and inconvenience of traveling and overnight stays. Even single-day development courses can cost in excess of £500 or more.

No Subscription Fees - Many tutorial websites charge around $15 or more every month for access to their archives, but once again you will find they are usually theoretical. The information in the book was gained through hard work developing actual websites for customers.

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"Once I got through the learning phase, solved any problems and became more confident I began to enjoy using Composite C1 more. I was very satisfied with the websites I created and my clients were delighted with the final results and the fact they could easily add and modify data completely relevant to their business requirements.”

Jim Prior
Jim PRIOR Author

P.S.: You might be wondering how I can be so super confident about the information provided in this book. The reason is Simple- All the advice it contains is based on strategies I use to rapidly create multiple C1 websites.

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