Composite C1 CMS Tutorial

Welcome to Composite C1 Tutorial where you can find practical step-by-step information on installing, configuring, developing and deploying websites built using Orckestra's free .NET Composite C1 CMS.
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GearsHeaderComposite C1 Tutorial is a professionally written PDF e-book you can download from this website. Click to learn more about Composite C1, the excellent free .NET Content Management System from Orckestra.

Tutorials & E-Book for the Composite C1 Content Management System

Tutorials & E-Book for the Composite C1 Content Management System

Composite C1 Tutorial E-Book

Composite C1 Tutorial is a professionally written e-book you can download from this website.

An extensive easy-to-use set of tutorials and reference information packed with screenshots, many tips, reviews and advice, it’s much more than a simple tutorial. It provides a wealth of practical information about the Composite C1 CMS:-

  • Step-by-step procedures.
  • Gotchas, typical errors and workarounds.
  • Visual Studio development and debugging tips.
  • Working with IIS.
  • Choosing and integrating beautiful Bootstrap themes.
  • How to setup navigation menus.
  • Technical information and server configuration details.
  • Deployment procedures and tools.
  • Costing considerations for projects on Microsoft Azure.
  • Hosting/provider and database choices.
  • And all based on real website samples and hands-on experience.

What is Composite C1?

Composite C1 is a content management system (CMS) from Orckestra used by marketing and web professionals to create data-driven websites using the latest Microsoft technology. It is one of the worlds' best-rated, feature-rich and free Open Source CMS's built on the Microsoft stack and installed world-wide. C1 is also available as a fully-licensed and supported product.

Composite C1 is ideal for creating dynamic data-driven web apps and bespoke site functionality for customers who have specific functional requirements. A CMS like WordPress is not really designed to build or operate with custom data and operates primarily as a blog with static pages. You can search for simple WordPress "database" plugins, but this is often a compromise that only half matches your needs. Composite C1 has the advantage in that it is a completely flexible CMS.

Please Note: Prior IT Solutions is not affiliated with nor sponsored by Composite / Orckestra.​

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Jim PriorAuthor of C1 Tutorial

One of the aims of this guide is to make Composite C1 more accessible to beginners and intermediates, whatever angle they are coming from. Whether as a user who needs to assess C1 and compare it against other CMS’s, or as a developer with a good degree of skills who must make the best use of his/her time, or as a complete newbie who needs a helping hand. Not just with C1, but also with some of the ideas, tools and working procedures for web development generally.